Psycho-Decorating, The Psychology
Behind Your Decorating Decisions


Psycho-Decorating--designing your home surroundings to reflect your unique personality-- developed from Dr. Margaret Harmon's personal interest and curiosity about the relationship between the choices we make in decorating our homes and our personalities. She spent three-years on this research project which she financed and carried out on her own, from beginning to end. The project was not connected with her extensive educational work (she holds a Ph. D. from the University of Pennsylvania and has published professionally). It grew out of her personal interests and background, and the results were accepted for publication.

The research dealt with the actual decorating choices made by individual women, along with objective tests evaluating their personality characteristics. The women filled out extensive inventory-style questionnaires listing the exact contents of their homes, e. g., What color were their living room walls? What was the shape of their coffee tables? How many different patterns had they used in their living room? etc. To measure their personalities, several psychological tests were filled out by the women. Ratings on the psychological tests were then correlated statistically with answers given on the decorating inventories.

Results of this study formed the basis for the publication of the book, Psycho-Decorating, What Homes Reveal About People, Wyden Books, New York. In this book, psychological Psychological Researcher--Margaret
Harmon researcher, Dr. Margaret H. Harmon, detailed the many fascinating relationships uncovered in the study between preferences in home decor and personality. She applies these principles as an interior decorator for her company, Personalized Interior Design.

From this background the Personal Decorating Analysis has been developed--to help you chart the course of decorating your home in ways that will be most satisfying to you--and with the greatest of ease.
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