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of Flowers For the first time on the internet, the Personal Decorating Analysis is being offered!
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  Here are some comments from satisfied clients who received their own Personal Decorating Analysis--
         Laura S. from Dallas, Texas. . ."My decorating analysis helped me avoid a lot of expensive errors. It gave me guidance as I faced a myriad of choices and increased my feeling of confidence as I decorated my home."
         Janice B. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. . ."I showed it to my interior decorator, and it aided us immensely to work out plans that truly reflected my tastes!"

  Your Personal Decorating Analysis is a five- to ten-page report on the decorating preferences Psycho-Decorating research suggests match your personality.
  • The report will provide information on your preferences in up to fourteen different decorating categories. These include Colors, Furniture Style, Living Room Preferences, Dining Room Preferences, Foyer Preferences, Rugs, Walls, Window Treatments, Lighting, Patterns, Textures, Special Furnishings, Art Objects, and Decorating Habits. Your report is unique and will cover those categories of most relevance to your personality.
  • Your report will be based on the personality traits you select from the List of Personality Characteristics, and will be prepared by the author of Psycho-Decorating, What Homes Reveal About People, Dr. Margaret H. Harmon.
  • This personalized report is being offered at a special introductory internet rate of only $24.95, plus $8.95 for postage and handling. This special internet sale price is 1/3 less than the regular price.
Free Gift! Along with your Personal Decorating Analysis, you will receive as a free gift "A Portfolio of Rooms for Different Personalities." This portfolio will provide pictures of rooms which express six different personality types and it will help you to interpret decor. The portfolio will be emailed to you after your order is complete. It is normally priced at $3.99, and it is yours free with your order!
You are given an opportunity to examine your Personal Decorating Analysis for 14 days at no risk. If you do not agree that it provides helpful insights for your current or future decorating, simply return it during the trial period and receive a refund of your purchase price, excluding shipping costs. Click here for information about how to obtain your report.
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